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ISI Simulations in Action
ISI Simulations in Action

Welcome to the Future of Racesims | rFactor

Presenting rFactor, the new racing simulation series from Image Space Incorporated. After successfully creating over a dozen products in the past ten years, Image Space takes the next logical step, creating a completely new technology base and development process. This new isiMotor 2.0 environment will be the foundation on which to build exciting products for many years to come.

The first installment in the rFactor series features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment
and stunning graphics. This is the game you will want to play.

rFactor provides unprecedented flexibility, allowing the series to grow and evolve with mod community involvement, race club formation, and feedback from users worldwide. We hope you enjoy the ride!

24-Dec-07 - rFactor Drift Revolution Demo

Image Space Incorporated is happy to present rFactor Drift Revolution Demo. Read more and download

10-Dec-07 - rFactor Patch Version 1.255 (F)

The rFactor 1.255 (F) patch addresses a number of online security issues, adds additional overall stability and significantly improved performance, and synchronizes existing users with the new retail DVD version recently released in Europe. Read More and Download

30-Nov-07 - 2Pez Games Development releases the new rFactor powered simulation, Simulador Turismo Carretera

Following in the footsteps of such products as GTR2 and RACE 07, the technology that powers rFactor proves again to be an indispensible part of this new release from 2Pez Games Development. Read More.

18-May-07 - 2007 Sauber BMW F1 Add-on

Intel and Image Space Incorporated (ISI) have teamed for the second straight year to bring the ultimate sim racing experience to PC simulation racers, featuring the BMW Sauber F1 Team F1.07 race cars . Find our more about this exciting vehicle Read More... To download this free add-on vehicle click here.

17-Apr-07 - rFactor Panoz Esperante

ISI is pleased to announce that the Panoz vehicle addon is now available for download. This free update to rFactor includes the Esperante street car that comes in four configurations, the GTS is a purpose-built track car, the Panoz Esperante ALMS GT2, and the Panoz GTR-1. Get the Panoz addition today!

25-Jan-07 - rFactor Update Version 1.250

Image Space Incorporated has released the much-awaited version 1.250 of rFactor. This update contains several new features and improvements, including a spotter for oval racing, more dynamic drafting calculations, better caution period handling, a forced cockpit option, and improved driver swap functionality. Also included are various bug fixes and expanded options for modders. Get the rFactor update version 1.250 today!

13-Dec-06 - Interview with SimRacing.cz

We recently had a chance to talk with the President of SimRacing.cz, Tomas Bros. Read More...

06-Dec-06 - RaceCast to Undergo Performance Upgrades

Starting tomorrow, RaceCast will be experiencing intermittent downtimes for a couple of days as new performance upgrades are rolled out. Updates on the process can be found in the RaceCast Newsroom.

13-Oct-06 - SimHQ's Fast Lap at Orchard Lake

SimHQ has published their latest feature of their "Fast Lap At" series. This time they're at Orchard Lake providing general setup tips and turn by turn guides on how to navigate the circuit like those folks at the top of the time sheets. SimHQ has also put up features on Essington Park, Toban Raceway and others.

A Fast Lap at Orchard Lake Grand Prix
A Fast Lap at Essington Park
A Fast Lap at Toban Raceway Park's Short Track
Other Features

10-Oct-06 - EU Bank Transfer Purchases

For all EU-customers within the EURO-Zone that do not own a credit card please visit NetRacingEurope.org. Unlock Coupon Codes can be purchased via direct bank transfer at the same costs as in your own country (European bank transfer with IBAN/BIC).

26-Sep-06 - Jiading released!

Come race at this magnificent circuit set near Shanghai, China. The Jiading Circuit is a world-class motorsport facility that features a challenging mix of winding technical sections and high-speed straightaways. Click here to download all three layouts.

15-Sep-06 - rFactor Sightings: Bumper Tales

We've seen the rFactor logo in many places, such as crop fields. This time, they've been spotted on much smaller real estate, but that doesn't diminish the coolness. Proex Motorsport has placed rFactor logos on the rears of their race cars. We're thrilled to have them in a place that most competitors would get to see the logo. View the rFactor logos (and their racecars of course).

05-Sep-06 - Brianza released!

Set in the picturesque city of Milano, Italy, the Autodromo Nazionale della Brianza features varying layouts offering high-speed straights, tight corners and a historic oval. Click here to download all six layouts.

16-Aug-06 - ISI releases updated gMotor Tools

Image Space Incorporated has released updated gMotor Tools. Click here to download the new tools. The older tools with samples are still available here.

14-Aug-06 - Updated NetCommUtil Plugin

An updated plugin is now available for those not getting a list of servers. Click here to download the plugin.

10-Aug-06 - v1150 Installer for Windows 98 Now Available

An installer is now available for users who were having trouble installing rFactor on their Windows 98 systems. Click here to download this installer.

01-Aug-06 - v1150 Update Released!

Image Space Incorporated has released the latest update to rFactor bringing it up to version 1.150. A lot of work has gone into this update and there are many new features and changes. Click here to read the feature list and then click here to download the torrent file or here for the list of mirrors.

NOTE: This is a full update and not a patch. It is highly recommended that you backup your current rFactor folder and perform a clean install of rFactor making sure there aren't any issues, then apply your mods.

20-Jul-06 - ISI Readies New Update

ISI has been hard at work on the next update to rFactor. Read on for the feature list...

22-Jun-06 - DeWalt - Williams F1 Simulator

AdrenalinStorm have provided DeWalt - Williams F1 with a special edition of rFactor for use in the Williams F1 simulator manufactured by SiMiS. Read on and view photos of the simulator...

19-May-06 - rFactor selected to showcase the new G25 wheel by Logitech

At the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Logitech and the ISI demonstrated the new G25 wheel using rFactor. Read more and view photos...

16-May-06 - Training in rFactor pays off for racer Luis "Chapulín" Díaz

Testing in rFactor was used once again to aid a team to victory. Rolex Series leader, Luis Díaz, thanked rFactor and GPLegacy for all their help. Read more and view photos...

10-May-06 - Intel and ISI bringing the BMW Sauber F1 to PCs

The ultimate BMW Sauber F1 Team experience is on it's way to your PC thanks to the joint efforts of Intel and ISI. Read more and view screenshots of the BMW Sauber...

08-May-06 - Panoz Esperante race car on its way

ISI is partnering with high-performance American car manufacturer, Panoz, to bring you a realistically modeled Esperante. Read on and view screenshots of what the future has in store...

07-Apr-06 - AI Waypoint Editor Released

An editing tool for creating waypoint paths inside of rFactor has been released. This tool contains all of the necessary functionality for creating a complete AIW path file to control opponent vehicles as well as defining garage, pit stall and starting line locations.

Visit the Developer's Corner to pick up a copy.

07-Mar-06 - Lienz Add-on for rFactor Released

The Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit car and track add-on package for rFactor is now available. This update is in .zip format and should be applied to the current 1070 release version. Read on and download Lienz...

06-Mar-06 - Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit add-on. It is scheduled to be released Tuesday evening, March 7th. This update will come in .zip format and should be applied to the current 1070 release version. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy viewing this video (WMV 36MB) of some of the action at Lienz. Read on and view the video...

06-Mar-06 - rFactor on CD!

rFactor is now available on CD at NetRacingEurope and for pre-order at GoGamer.com! It is packaged in a DVD hardcase and provides an unlock coupon code. This is a great solution to those who do not have a broadband connection to download rFactor. What are you waiting for? Pre-order it at GoGamer.com or purchase it now at NetRacingEurope!

Please note, the activation is the same as the downloadable version. This is NOT a CD activated product. For more information regarding activation, click here.

03-Mar-06 - Stock Car Racing 1087 beta update

The National Stock Car Racing Series (NCRS) has been updated with fixes and features designed to improve the stock car racing experience. The 1087 Beta can be downloaded at Stock Car Evolution. We are making available this beta release of rFactor for the purpose of testing the NSCRS rules. Read on...

21-Feb-06 - NEC Showcases rF at Embedded World Exhibition

Nurnberg, Germany - rFactor was on display at the 2006 embedded.world Exhibition. NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH gave visitors a chance to sit behind the wheel, infront of a 50" plasma TV and take rFactor out for a spin. Read on...

21-Feb-06 - SimHQ Guide to Toban Short

SimHQ has published a detailed driving guide to Toban Raceway Park's Short Track. This valuable guide comes complete with movies, replays and setup files to help you improve your lap times. Check out this article and continued rFactor coverage at SimHQ's MotorSports Zone.

17-Feb-06 - Stock Car Racing Coming to rFactor

Get ready for the latest addition to the rFactor Racing Simulation - the National Stock Car Racing Series (NSCRS). A beta version of this racing series is now available. It includes a new stock car model and a super speedway test track. Our goal is to create the finest bumper to bumper online racing available. Read on...

12-Feb-06 - rFactor Featured in Latin American's Largest Automobile Industry Event

rFactor was showcased at the SIAM (Salon Internacional del Automovil) 2005 in front of major auto manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors and BMW. Also on hand were big name Latin American drivers and TV cameras to record the event. Read on...

07-Feb-06 - Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit

rFactor Motors, a world leader in manufacturing, motor sports and simulation, is proud to announce that it is a title sponsor in the 2006 Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit (Festival of Speed). Visit https://lienzfestival.org/ for more details.

03-Feb-06 - rFactor Named 2005 Best Racing Game of the Year Runner Up by PC Gamer

We are excited to be recognized by the leading PC Gaming magazine, PC Gamer. We are also pleased to see GTR awarded as the Best Racing Game of 2005, using the same base technology as rFactor and licensed to SimBin for future titles.

In 2005, rFactor was honored with a review score of 90% and the coveted Editor's Choice Award.

31-Jan-06 - rFactor Internals Plugin Released

Added to rFactor with the 1.070 update, the internals plugin architecture exposes internal simulation data to 3rd party developers which can be used for statistical data, telemetry programs, motion bases and head trackers. For more information and to download, visit the Dev Corner.

28-Jan-06 - TrackIR 6DOF Supported

As of v1070, rFactor now supports NaturalPoint's TrackIR six degrees of freedom (6DOF) devices. TrackIR translates your head movements into the game, so when you turn your head so does your virtual counterpart. 6DOF means TrackIR can now track the six possible ways you can lean and rotate your head. You don't have to use the mouse or buttons to look around the cockpit anymore. Click here for a video of rFactor and TrackIR in action.

24-Jan-06 - rFactor Sightings Increase

The number of rFactor sightings continues to increase. This one was discovered this past season in Cambridgeshire. If you discover any, please report them immediately to the Sighting Hotline at "sightings at rFactor period net."

18-Jan-06 - rF3 Template

The template for painting the rF3 is now available from our downloads page or you can download it directly here. The template is currently available in PSD format.

10-Jan-06 - rFactor Update v1070

The second official update for rFactor is now available from our downloads page. This update will patch your copy of rFactor up to version 1070. What’s New in v1070?

07-Jan-06 - Introducing the rF3

Image Space Incorporated is proud to announce the addition of a new challenge to the rFactor driving experience. The rF3, developed from the ground up by Laurent Evenisse, offers a unique and exciting ride that should not be missed by fans of motorsports.

05-Jan-06 - Second rFactor update features

The second update for rFactor is coming soon. Click here for the current list of changes in the upcoming version 1070.

02-Jan-06 - EuroRing coming to rFactor

Image Space Incorporated is pleased to announce that it has secured the rights to the EuroRing racing circuit https://www.euroring.hu/. In association with Euro-Racing KFT and with the assistance of Oláh Gyárfás, Alexease and Viktor Adorjan (Misu), ISI has begun the process of bringing this exciting circuit into the rFactor world.

19-Dec-05 - rFactor Manual Preview

ISI is happy to announce it has secured the talents of Bob Simmerman with contributions from Joachim Trensz and the rest of the ISI crew for the writing of the official rFactor manual.  This document will provide an insight into the rich and detailed world that is rFactor.  Click here for some examples from the soon to be released manual.

14-Dec-05 - Gifts for that special sim racer

Just in time for the holidays, we have merchandise from the first installment in the rFactor series. Click here for some great gift ideas for the sim racer on your list.

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