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Interview with SimRacing.cz

Founded in 1996 by a group of enthusiasts in the Czech Republic, SimRacing.cz is a collective effort focused on creating a good base of content and extending it to the general public. Their main focus is to provide sim racers in the Czech Republic with a foundation of quality game content through the support of a development series with their own game servers. Currently, SimRacing.cz is the largest association of sim racing drivers in the Czech Republic which also has a good reputation for quality support of their drivers.

With support from Image Space Incorporated and rFactor, SimRacing.cz’s partnership with their drivers and the general public is further enhanced with the ease of distribution of the rFactor gaming platform. SimRacing.cz manages three game servers providing online racing and one web server where players can communicate regarding their problems and experiences in addition to regular news updates with pictures and dramatic moments from past races with professional commentary.

We had a chance to talk with the President of SimRacing.cz, Tomas Broz.

ISI: First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

TB: You are welcome. The time which I devote to this interview is only a small part of a time which me and my colleagues from SimRacing.cz give every day to our mutual interest - the online racing. It is very refreshing to Work with (and for) people who are so different as well as so similar. They are all connected by the one thing and I am very glad I can work just for them. The Colleagues who I work with are the same as me and they do their work very well, responsibly and with no claim to fame or reward. The only reward for us is a huge number of happy and beamish drivers. And this is it what we are glad for.

ISI: What factors played a role in the decision to move to rFactor?

TB: It is a simple question. When I was thinking about what is the the most important thing for choosing a sim-game engine I knew that it has to be a quality multiplayer and open source system for developing mods. rFactor fits it completely. In the beginnig of SimRacing.cz there were only “hardcore” players of driving simulators who did not need perfect graphics and other features of nowadays games. But after some time of devel-oping engine, preparing a background for online racing, creating and updating mods, new players came and are still coming. Even now we can see a surprise of novices. They are amazed by the multiplayer, quantity of mods or nonstop service of gaming servers. People are also astonished by possibilities of the game when they get a lot of mods, cars and tracks only for price of one usual pc game. Almost every day we release some new mod or circuit and these are the exact details which we always wished to have for our players. By this way we have an opportunity to directly influence and develop the game. Now we have exactly what we wished to have from the beginning – an opensource gaming simulator with great support from the manufacturer and with hopeful future.

ISI: What have you heard from those members that race in real life regarding the realism of rFactor?

TB: They were absolutely enchanted by the realistic feeling right after the first touch of a sim steering wheel. Noone of real pilots have never tested a computer racing simulator like this before. They abandoned an idea that rFactor is only a game. It has become the realistic racing simulator. After some time real pilots started to provide us telemetric datas which we used for creating new mods BMW 1 Challenge and Skoda Octavia Cup. The rate at rFactorCentral says that we were very succesful and now real racing pilots are carrying SimRacing.cz logo proudly on their cup vehicles.

ISI: How valuable do you feel it is to have your own in-house development crew?

TB: I would start with the fact that to built the own developing team is very complicated task and it requires at first convincing arguments to recruit people into the team. Imagine you have a lot of ideas and a great enthusiasm. You know you can not do it alone but you have no money for pay the others. So you will pledge them only work and maybe a little bit of fame inside of the community. When you manage this you have at disposal the best developing team of your dreams because developers motivated this way will give you only the best work. The main asset I see in a prompt reaction on actual demands of the game or the system administration. By this way I reach the proper dynamics and development and so pilots can see we are always living and we never rest on laurels. The constant progression is the point which holds the community together and does not allow internal dissensions. We do not want to get into a situation like in a contemporary community of LFS when developers of the game have gone away of scene to enjoy their gained money and they are not planning any new upgrade in a foreseeable term. If we would decide like that our community would be definitely dead in a few days.

ISI: How large are your league events in terms of driver entries?

TB: In local relations our events are very broad. Every day there are minimally 24 pilots in the race of one series. But this is only in some not so much popular series. Usualy we have many more pilots online in the race. Our system arranges them into groups of 24 pilots and launches corresponding dedicated serves. The higest number of 48 drivers was in BMW 1 Challenge series. Every player drives ordinarily one series per week and we can say that it is rather high activity because we have ten active racing series tohether. Our administration system says we have about 300 active pilots who are regularly attending racing events and abour 900 of occasional players who are riding only in non-league public races.

Click here to visit SimRacing.cz's website.

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