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ISI Simulations in Action
ISI Simulations in Action

13-Dec-05 - Basic track editing notes

Gilles Benoit, creator of the the Trois-Rivieres circuit add-on for rFactor has released notes on his experience while working with rFactor. We wish to thank Gilles for sharing this information and congratulate him on the impressive work of art he created. Click here to view the notes in our Developer's Corner.

09-Dec-05 - Beta of New Track

Get a sneak preview of out latest circuit called Essington at https://racecast.rfactor.net/downloads/EssingtonBeta.rar

Unpack the file into your /rFactor/GameData/Locations directory.

If you haven�t already done so, grab the latest 1048 beta version of sim as well. Then please visit your favorite forum to offer feedback.

30-Nov-05 - Beta Update Available

We have uploaded a public beta update for rFactor. This public beta is intended to test a new matchmaker system for rFactor. Before you install it please make sure to make backups of the following files:

\rFactor\rFactor Dedicated.exe

This updated DLL requires v1048 or above of the EXE. It will look to a new matchmaker being hosted by ISI. Use at your own risk. Please make comments and provide feedback at you favorite rFactor forum.

Download the beta here: https://racecast.rfactor.net/downloads/rFactorBeta1048.zip

30-Nov-05 - RealRacingOnline.com

Image Space Incorporate is proud to announce that RealRacingOnline.com is now an officially licensed broadcaster and modder of rFactor. RealRacingOnline.com the home of professional online racing will be opening at least two open race servers for the benefit of the sim racing community. Visit https://www.realracingonline.com forums to check progress of rFactor broadcasts as well as links to rFactor information.

10-Nov-05 - rFactor Development Tools Available

The next round of rFactor tools is now available. They can be found at https://racecast.rfactor.net/downloads/rFToolsPublic.rar

You can discuss these tools in the AutoSimSport forum.

Because of the wide range of possible modifications and vast complexity of possible changes, ISI can not offer technical or other support in these areas. ISI can not be responsible for any events leading up to these changes or the result thereof. Use of these tools and changes to your original product are done at your own risk. Make sure to make a backup of the original rFactor directory and most of all, have fun!

25-Oct-05 - rFactor Update v1040

The first update for rFactor is now available from our downloads page. This update will patch your copy of rFactor up to version 1040. What�s New in v1040?

11-Oct-05 - Progress of first rFactor update

Here is a quick list of some of the things we are currently working on and hope to provide shortly in our first rFactor update.

  • Reduced video memory usage, and automatic texture reduction if video memory is filled to capacity. An in-game usage meter is also provided.
  • Many graphics optimizations including shadows and headlights. Go ahead, try Max Shadow Detail.
  • Basic administrator features for the dedicated server. Additional features in future updates.
  • New information displayed in Replay Fridge (driver names, lap times, speed, etc.).
  • New expanded and accurate results files which will be compatible with RaceCast XML parsers.
  • Much reduced tendency for AIs to rear end the player, and many other AI improvements. They have been given a firm warning about their recent behavior.
  • Blue flag and full-course yellow improvements and changes.
  • In-game field of view (FOV) option.
  • Improved online play including additional collision checks to prevent remote vehicles from appearing to go through walls., most notable at Joesville and the rFactor 400.
  • New track layout: Sardian Long, a very challenging city course that requires patience to allow the rhythm of the circuit to unfold. Requires stamina.
  • Tons of bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.
Please note: Before installing the update, we recommend you revert any original files that you modified to the release version (1020). We will also provide an updated version of the full installer for fresh installations.

07-Oct-05 - MAS Utility and Replay Information

The first of the tools and rF specifications are now available in the Dev Corner section of our website. More information will be provided in the weeks and months to come.

31-Aug-05 - rFactor Now Available!

rFactor, the next generation in racing realism, is now available! Click here to go to the Buy Online page.

24-Aug-05 - Howston screenshots!

Nine Howston screenshots are available for you to enjoy in our WIP section. Also for more Howston information check the new H6 Motor Company webpage.

18-Aug-05 - Pre-order rFactor with PayPal

Get your unlock code for rFactor today using PayPal. rFactor should be available for download shortly at a site near you. Other methods of payment will be available through the downloaded version of rFactor. Click here to pre-order.

01-Aug-05 - rFactor Vehicle Templates

Templates for all six cars in rFactor are available from our downloads page and the corresponding manufacturer's websites. The templates are currently available in PSD format.

26-Jul-05 - USGP rFactor LAN Party Report

In this new article, Lou Magyar of AutoSimSport shares his experiences with rFactor at the 6th Annual USGP/LAN Party.

22-Jun-05 - New Developer Q&A

John Bayley has returned with our latest developer Q&A. In the Q&A, Pete Knepley answers some questions about the multiplayer aspect of rFactor.

You can find the Q&A here.

01-Feb-05 - Introducing rF Motors

Welcome to the World of rF Motors

Vayline Motor Company, Kodi Motors, H6 and Raceworks Motorsport all fall under the rF Motors brand. Join us for the launch of the brand new Vayline Motor Company website here.

Visit rF motor's global site here to learn more about the exciting rFactor vehicle line-ups for 2005!

11-Jan-05 - rFactor Multiplayer Test Demo Update Now Available!

We wish to thank the community who provided constructive feedback on the rFactor MP Test Demo, version 0.650. Due to this feedback, a number of issues have been addressed or improved and incorporated into version 0.720 of the MP Test Demo.

You can find the update here. You can discuss the update at the forum.

The latest test version includes:

▪ Networking optimizations
▪ Disconnect problems addressed
▪ A stand-alone graphics-less dedicated server
▪ New spectator camera mode
▪ Reduced visual warping
▪ Improved matchmaking
▪ Much more!!!

10-Nov-04 - rFactor Multiplayer Test Demo Now Available!

Finally...after much anticipation, the rFactor Multi-Player Test Demo will be available for download in less than 24hrs! The purpose of this release is to stress test the MultiPlayer component of rFactor and obtain & incorporate community feedback into the best online racing experience possible

The Multiplayer Test Demo offers the agile rear-wheel drive ZR model in 3 flavors: fast (ZRa), faster(ZRm) and fastest(ZRz). The demo will allow for Multiplayer mixed-class racing on the Toban Raceway Park circuit.

Partial features list included on the Demo are:

▪ Fully functional AI
▪ Dedicated Multiplayer Server
▪ Limited Dynamic Time-of-Day transitions
▪ Choice of Standing or Rolling starts, formation laps
▪ Race by time or laps
▪ Local and/or full course yellow flags
▪ Functional Garage

We look forward to all of you joining us in this worldwide test!

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