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ISI Simulations in Action

Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit Video


Presenting the Lienz Festival der Geschwindigkeit Video by Daniel "Ingy" Sandor, music created by Richard Blackley.

Download Video here:
  • Lienz Video


    This update will come in .zip format and should be applied to the current 1070 release version. It can be applied to the 1087 beta. It is always a good idea to back up a currently working version especially if it contains many 3rd party add-ons as their interactions are difficult to predict.

    There were a few items that had to be removed from this release. These items use post 1070 code; but as the next rF update is still in testing it was decided to make the initial release of Lienz 1070 compatible. These items will be reactivated with the next official rF update. Here's a list of the missing items:

  • Specific impact sounds and reactions for the hay bales.
  • Specific road noise for some alternate surface types.
  • Crowd noise.
  • Spotlights that turn on at night.
  • Deer that appear only at night.

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