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ISI Simulations in Action

What's new in version 1070

Below is a list of the changes that will be included in the soon to be released, second update for rFactor.

  • Fixed a shadow bug that could crash some tracks.
  • Reverted back to 32-bit render targets (in some cases) for now, since 16-bit targets also caused particle dithering in the rear view.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause texture updating to render targets to fail in 16-bit mode on nVidia.
  • Detached parts will now only have shadows if shadows are set to high or max.
  • Made sparks and fire glow at night rather than be darkly shaded.
  • Fixed scaling/placement problems with the onscreen flags (yellow, checkered, etc).
  • Modified the GRAPHOPT_low_detail_UI flag to affect ALL fonts (including ingame).
  • Fixed the GRAPHOPT_do_UI_bg_bink="0" to work for all UI anims.
  • Fixed LOD switches to eliminate the occasional missing meshes between LODs.
  • Fixed billboard/stamp feature, which was broken in the last update. �

    Tracks and Vehicles:
  • Added Essington Long track and layout.
  • Fixed the rear-left suspension on the Trainer which was confused with the front-right suspension.
  • Removed Joesville and added Essington Long to the Formula IS season.
  • Fixed minor error in Rhez upgraded suspension geometry.
  • Made minor adjustment to the clutch and tranny frictions on some vehicles. Also changed it so that if the air dam is knocked off then the vehicle will lose front downforce.
  • Added a few Hammer and Howston seasons to the SR Grand Prix.
  • The Orchard Lake Oval is now available in the SR Grand Prix.
  • Adjusted mirrors on Formula IS so that you could see cars directly behind.
  • Added the rF3 car to the Open Wheel Challenge. �

    Artificial Intelligence:
  • Improved AI drag calculation. �

  • Improved the internal stat-keeping of laptimes based on track layout and vehicle class.
  • Changed onboard brake bias adjustment to return to default if you press both the forward and rearward buttons at the same time.
  • Added player file option "Any Camera HUD" to show HUD from trackside cameras (new default is ON).
  • Added class ranking to monitor.
  • Additional logic to help prevent receiving a blue flag after unlapping yourself from an opponent.
  • Fixed a crash after getting a DQ in multiplayer and then going to the next session.
  • Added a message for when the speed limiter is toggled.
  • Changed default number of vehicles sharing a pitstall from 2 to 1 (in the Open Wheel Challenge and SR Grand Prix RFM files).
  • Added RPM to the extra info LCD page.
  • Removed configurable damper (shock) settings for HammerGT because they aren't available with other mid-range SRGrandPrix vehicles.
  • Added "CLASS PACKAGES" to the Upgrades section, so you can buy a complete package (identical to the AI) with just a couple clicks.
  • Added sector timing to list of lap times (when right-clicking on monitor grid).
  • Fixed minor issue where AutoPit and launch control might not upshift properly.
  • Optimized collision for detached parts and cones so framerate shouldn't drop as much in big crashes.
  • Fixed minor math error when using free look on an attached camera (swingman/cockpit/etc.).
  • When using onboard cameras, we now try to keep the same camera when switching to other vehicles. Results may be somewhat random when running mixed class vehicles that have different sets of onboard cameras.
  • Possibly fixed a situation where people would occasionally see two "pitcrews".
  • Added one-lap-to-go warning. Player file option "One Lap To Go Warning" controls whether it is a message, white flag, or both, and whether the warning is given in qualifying.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the standings would briefly change near the s/f line at the beginning of a race.
  • Made LCD/HUD standings scrollable with the pit up/down controls and added new standings functionalities: With the pit increment control (or player file option "Standings Func"), you can choose between non-wraparound standings, wraparound standings, or autoscrolling standings.
  • Made race splits configurable between realtime values (original and default functionality) and sector-based split times. Use the pit decrement control to toggle between the two choices, or use the "Realtime Splits" player-file option.
  • Added a plr file option to set the screenshot file type to jpg, bmp, png, or dds.
  • The virtual rearview mirror (available in tv cockpit, nose, and swingman modes) now has an additional setting for side-mirrors only. �

    Input Devices:
  • Added new FFB variable in controller.ini file "FFB steer front grip fract".
  • Changed the default value for the new force feedback parameter "FFB steer force grip factor" introduced in v1.040 back to 0.4.
  • Added controller.ini value "Alternate Neutral Activation" to allow users to select neutral by shifting up & down simultaneously.
  • Fixed a couple issues where the FFB spring might not work properly if the wheel came up as controller 2 or 3.
  • Stopped resetting the FFB saturation and coefficient values in the controller.ini file when we didn't detect FFB on that axis.
  • Made change to handling of POV-HAT (D-pad) devices so they could be used as buttons (for navigating the pit menu, for example).
  • Added default file for ThrustMaster RGTPro.
  • Moved force feedback hardware re-initialization to only occur if you visited the force feedback options page. This does two good things: 1) it makes force feedback changes take effect if you press the Drive button from the force feedback page, and 2) it gets rid of the small but annoying delay when you are on any other options page and return to the Monitor page. Note: this is not the same as the Reset FFB options. If you go to drive and your force feedback isn't working, we recommend going to the force feedback options page (which will force a hardware re-initialization) and then try driving again.
  • Fixed red input calibration bars to work on-the fly with sensitivity/deadzone adjustments.
  • Added a controller.ini value "FFB Ignore Controllers" which can be used to prevent rFactor from using the FFB on certain controllers.
  • Made accidental shift detection time configurable. If you use the PLR file variable "Repeat Shifts", values 1-4 now use increasing amounts of time while value 5 is the shift completion option.
  • Support for 6-DOF head tracking devices. �

  • Fixed the replay hot lap times by including a little bit of time before and after the lap.
  • Reduced replay size after deleting clips by removing unnecessary events.
  • Fixed replay renaming where you couldn't overwrite an existing file even if you confirmed to do so.
  • Added player file option "Auto Monitor Replay" whether to automatically start a replay when returning to monitor.
  • Fixed possible crash when watching replay in multiplayer.
  • Fixed vehicle special effects in instant replay (where sometimes you would see glowing brake discs on vehicles in the garage, or 'dotted line' skidmarks on track). The time-of-day still does not work properly in the instant replay, however.
  • Optimized some replay code (will affect everybody, but it should noticeably improve dedicated server's performance with replays on).
  • Added player file option "Compress Replay" to control whether replay files (*.VCR) are compressed. If turned off, replay files will be roughly 50% larger but may take less time to write out.
  • Fixed the opponents� brake lights in replays of multiplayer races. �

  • Fixed it so that restarting weekend or race in multiplayer automatically releases the AI that took over for disco'd clients.
  • Made the dedicated server wait a slightly shorter time before switching sessions automatically (as long as no one is finishing a hot lap in qualifying). Added a multiplayer.ini variable "Delay Between Sessions" to control that time.
  • Added multiplayer.ini option "Auto Exit" whether to immediately exit when leaving a game joined through RaceCast or other external tool.
  • Stopped reading/writing CCH file on dedicated server.
  • Optimized a few more things out of the dedicated server.
  • Changed default dedicated server rate from 333 to 250.
  • Added multiplayer.ini options "Loading Sleep Time" and "Loading Priority" to help control the dedicated server's CPU usage during track and vehicle loads.
  • Added "+queryportstart" and "+portstart" command-line options to override the respective values.
  • Added "+nowindow" command-line option which is the same as "+oneclick" except that the windows (and therefore the windows processing) are eliminated, leaving only the process running.
  • Added ability to send current setup in multiplayer to one or all other players. New "Send Setup" button is on the "Call Vote" page and replaces the currently disabled "Request Replay" button. Received setups will be put in a new "Received" folder in the garage. Player file value "Keep Received Setups" controls how long these setups are kept. Note: some issues with this feature in the version 1.048 beta were fixed.
  • Added multiplayer fixed setups. Player file value "Fixed Setups" controls whether they are being used. "Fixed Free Settings" controls what, if any, settings are still free (for example, steering lock). "Fixed AI Setups" controls whether the AI uses the fixed setups, too. By default, the fixed setup is the factory defaults, but can be changed by assigning your favorite setups which are stored in FavoriteAndFixedSetups.gal.
  • Added "Fixed Upgrades" option to multiplayer. If the server enables this option, all vehicles will be forced to use one of the class packages.
  • Mismatches are now reported to all clients regardless of the mismatch response setting. Added a new server mismatch response option to automatically kick out mismatched clients only in qualifying and race (to allow people to join practice or warmup and ask other people about the latest version). Driving will be disabled unless the server is configured to do nothing on mismatches.
  • Added a toggle to turn chat window auto-scrolling on or off. Also added color-coding in the chat window based on driver. Both can be controlled with multiplayer.ini variables.
  • Added more info to Race Settings in multiplayer: race starting time, race time scale, and type of start.
  • Removed some unnecessary time-of-day graphics computations that were running on the dedicated server.
  • Optimized the network throttler to help reduce dedicated server CPU usage.
  • Adjustment to throttling algorithm which can now send updates for more vehicles by reducing the frequency of updates for vehicles that are far away. Total net traffic remains exactly the sam
  • Improved throttler's packing of events into network packets. This should slightly reduce server's upload traffic and client's download traffic.
  • Added IRC chat gizmos to monitor page and removed code that disconneted a player from IRC when he left the chat lobby. Now only when the player presses the disconnect button does he lose connection with the IRC server.
  • Added IRC chat box to all monitor pages (Client, Hosting, Quick and Post Race Monitors)
  • Included option in dedicated server UI for whether toggling AI control is allowed.
  • When logged into RaceCast, a copy of your current user's friends and bookmarks are stored in the RaceCast database.
  • RaceCast plugin now sends driving aid information.
  • Support for class position and class grid position added to RaceCast plugin.
  • Prevented admins from calling �Restart Race� before the race session because it would cause various issues. �

    Results File:
  • Made XML results file UTF-8 compliant. Some "extended ASCII" characters may be changed to other characters, but we'll address those as they are found.
  • Changed to one session per results file by default. Can be changed to the old way with PLR file option "Multi-session Results".
  • Added 1st lap start ET to results file.
  • Added class positions to results file.
  • Fixed an issue where results file could have a few errors if a multiplayer race used a different RFM than your current one.
  • Removed repeated chat lines and admin password from XML output. �

  • Fixed the GDB damper restrictions meant for stock car rules.
  • Changed RFM entry "DriveAnyUnlocked" to allow 3 settings for what type of vehicles you are allowed to drive: 0=owned, 1=unlocked, 2=any.
  • Fixed a few potential buffer overruns.
  • Per-terrain wear multiplier now supported in TDF file. Default is "Wear=1.0".
  • Added command-line option "+highprio" to set rFactor to use a higher operating system priority. This may help if user has a lot of background tasks but isn't necessarily recommended because it may starve those tasks completely. Use at your own risk.
  • Improved a situation where errors in track AIW paths could cause strange warping. While the odd behavior should be reduced, it is highly recommended that track makers use proper waypoint collision corridors (please only edit the road corridors to address AI issues).
  • New support for internals plugin DLL that could be used to read vehicle data and/or control force feedback and all non-driving inputs.
  • Internals plugin telemetry output now occurs at a fixed rate.
  • Added pneumatic trail variable to TBC file.
  • Note to modders: the HDV (and upgrades.ini) variables "FWPeakYaw" and "RWPeakYaw" are actually supposed to be "FWLiftPeakYaw" and "RWLiftPeakYaw" (but "DiffuserPeakYaw" is actually correct as is). We are not changing the code because that would suddenly make some existing cars drive differently, which isn't a good idea. We suggest that you update existing vehicles and test using the correct variable names.
  • Added support for caution lights around the track used for full-course yellows (works on Orchard Lake).
  • Added "MinimumClass" as an upgrade level variable. This would be used to specify the minimum configured vehicle class (for example, MinimumClass="ZType") that would be calculated if a particular upgrade level (for example, a "Type Z Engine") was installed. This feature is not, however, currently used in any original rFactor vehicles.
  • Added RFM variable "PitOrderByQualifying" which allows mods to set the pit order in the race based on qualifying results.
  • Added code to detect newly installed mods (RFM files) and automatically bring them up. In general, we recommend against creating special launcher programs.
  • Addressed minor HAT issue where nearly vertical triangles could generate invalid data. HAT files will need to be rebuilt which will cause a delay while loading tracks the first time after installation of this update.

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