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Stock Car Racing 1087 beta update


The National Stock Car Racing Series (NSCRS) beta has been updated with fixes and features.

The 1087 Beta can be downloaded at Stock Car Evolution. Readme.txt

NOTE: Beta versions are provided to stress test specific game components and/or features and as such may be unstable. We make no assurances of stability or compatibility and therefore installing a beta version should be done at the user's own risk. Beta versions are not recommended for the beginner or average user. If you are not a "hard core" user familiar with beta testing and rfactor's file structure, we suggest that you not install any beta versions of rfactor. Additionally, the release of a beta version does not guarantee that an official update is forthcoming. If you choose to install a beta version, always ensure that you make a backup copy of your current version prior to installing any beta version.

After downloading this file, place it in the root directory of any official rFactor version (1020, 1040, 1070, 1081 and 1084) and run it. Please be sure to make a backup of your existing rFactor folder first.

We are making available this beta release of rFactor for the purpose of testing the NSCRS rules. Many options are configurable through the Series Rules File (.rFm) or on a per-track basis. Some can be overridden through the player file. See the rFactor\rFm\NSCRS.rFm file for some details.


Special thanks to members of The US Pits for invaluable assistance on this effort.

Some of the features already incorporated are:
  • Private Qualifying (simultaneous but independent qualifying)
  • Various yellow flag rules, including how many laps, whether the pits close, when the pits open and to whom, whether the track order is frozen when the full-course yellow is thrown, lucky dog rule, double file restarts, whether caution laps count toward the total, and whether races can finish under caution.
  • Covered car rules, where setup changes are limited between qualifying and race.
  • Drive-thru and longest line penalties have been added to stop/go's. Some penalty rules are configurable.
  • Pit menu configurable on a per-vehicle basis (left/right tire changes, tire pressures, wedge, track bar, spring rubbers, and more).

    Fixed from 1081:
  • Chat slowdown.
  • Server refresh.
  • DX7/8 loading problems.

    Partial to do list:
  • Make it configurable whether you can pass before the s/f line on the green (currently you're not allowed to at all, not even on the outside at ovals).
  • Hold cars at pit exit while the train is going by.
  • Better choices for whether full-course yellows are called (ranging from very sensitive if somebody gets sideways, to never). The current player file option really only calls a full-course yellow if somebody is stopped on track.
  • Collision bumping penalty rules. These rules can be used to develop a program for reducing dangerous bump drafting behavior.
  • Spotter/commentary.
  • Better info display (whether pits are open, whether a longest line penalty is being applied by the server, etc.).
  • Forced upgrades on a per-track basis, based on the vehicle.
  • More complex drafting.
  • Other types of rules (driver swapping, more damage fixing options, etc.).

    Known issues:
  • AI doesn't always follow the correct vehicle during cautions, and doesn't always obey lucky dog or double file restart rules.
  • Full-course yellows don't happen unless vehicles are stopped on track, regardless of 'Safety Car Threshold' player file setting. New option will be introduced in the future.
  • No admin commands to correct scoring errors yet.
  • More accurate drafting needed, and more configurable.
  • Passing before s/f line isn't legal at all, not even on outside. Need configurable options for this rule.
  • Commentary/spotter not implemented yet.
  • Need option to force specific upgrades on some vehicles at certain tracks.
  • No easy way to hold people at pit exit if the train is going by, although we do add them to the end of the line (doesn't seem to always work properly, though).

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