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ISI Simulations in Action
ISI Simulations in Action

Developer Files

Waypoint and camera editing tools

  • Download v1.255 [zip]
  • Download v1.150 [zip]

rFactor mod development tool pack (Mas utility, scene viewer and more)

  • Download version 2 [zip]
  • Download version 1 [zip]

rFactor internals plugin

  • Download version 3 [zip]
  • Download version 2 [zip]
  • Download version 1 [zip] [pdf]

gMotor 2.0 MAS Utility

  • Download version 2.0 [zip]

Documents and Notes

  • Basic track editing [html]
  • Replay Format Information [html] [doc]

Developer Q&As

06.22.05 - Pete Knepley

09.18.04 - Joe Campana

08.27.04 - Brad Shuber

08.13.04 - Terence Groening

08.10.04 - Gjon Camaj

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