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ISI Simulations in Action
ISI Simulations in Action

rFactor showcases Logitech's new wheel


At the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Logitech unveiled its most advanced gaming wheel ever, the Logitech® G25 Racing Wheel, enabling people to bring the most lifelike racing experience into the home. Logitech and the ISI crew were on hand to demonstrate the new wheel using rFactor.

"Working with the staff at Logitech we were able to tune rFactor to take full advantage of this new driving device," said Gjon Camaj, Vice President of Product Development at ISI. "It's encouraging to see hardware manufactures creating these precision devices. It allows great racing simulations like rFactor, Live For Speed and GTR to bring users closer to the realism they demand."

"We've been impressed with rFactor and the great people at ISI," Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech´┐Żs director of product marketing for interactive entertainment. "Their help made the premier of the G25 Racing Wheel at E3 a tremendous success. The G25 wheel and rFactor, when used together, will make people forget they are in front of their PCs."

G25 Features:

  • Six-Speed Shifter and Clutch Pedal
  • Two-Motor Force Feedback
  • Sturdy Design, Premium Materials
  • 900-Degree Steering, Advanced Controls

Pricing and Availability:
The limited-edition Logitech G25 Racing Wheel will be available online at www.logitech.com and through select retailers in the U.S. and Europe beginning in October. Its suggested retail price in the U.S. is $299.99.



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